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After your contract is signed, the next step is to ensure legal conveyance of the property.  A title search will uncover any demands, faults, and other privileges or restrictions on the property.  Title insurance protects the purchaser from many adverse situations.  Forged deeds, undisclosed or missing heirs, instruments executed under expired or invalid Power of Attorney and fraud are just some of the many unforeseen problems title insurance protects you against.


The title Underwriter protects your investment in the property up to the purchase price.  The premium is paid only once at closing and the protection lasts as long as you own the property (Owner's Policy).


If you are obtaining a mortgage, the Lender will require its own title policy and endorsements to cover the amount of your loan.  This policy is issued to the Lender (Loan Policy).


Our job is to protect your interest whether as the buyer or seller by ensuring the property is free and clear.  Title Quest not only safeguards your transaction but also ensures that your closing goes smoothly.


After all, it's all about your closing.



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